It's been a great start for metal this summer thanks to Gotham Rocks, producer's of emerging rock and metal band concerts throughout the New York area. Last Saturday night was no exception. Attended by an audience with as much passion and enthusiasm for music as the bands on stage, this show couldn't have been anything other than what it was, awesome!

Opening the night was Fate Strikes Twice, a five piece band from Morris County N.J. Following up Fate Strikes Twice was Crush Of Empires, a five piece band from New York City. Crush of Empires moved the night forward with a clean and progressive sound. Their sound was tight and the band played well together. The bass work from Loren Pratt was outstanding. While some of the band members lack a bit of stage presence, the frontman, William Mercado makes up for it. Overall, they left you feeling glad you had the experience to listen to their emotionally driven tracks.

Next up was Bulletproof Messenger. This New York City native band has played together since 2006 and have released two albums with a third on the way. They have a lot of touring experience, having played with the likes of Incubus, Fuel, and many others. They worked the crowd well and played well together. They have an obvious 90's influence to their sound and were a great lead in to the two main acts of the night.Gotham-1

The next two bands were Killcode and Charetta. Now let me tell you, if you haven't seen these two bands, do yourself a favor and catch their next shows. Each band has enough energy to light the NYC electric grid for a week. Put them both on stage in the same night and you have a show that goes nuclear.

Gotham-2Killcode played first and brought a huge sound with them. They're a band that has it all. They have stage presence, great energy, and the ability to get the audience amped up! They even brought in their own lights to add to the lighting of the Gramercy Theatre. Vocalist Tom Morrissey added to his presence, a mic stand equipped with a skull at the base and a chain leading up the stand to the mic. A cool prop to add to their already strong stage presence and flair! They shared the stage for their song "Trust" with Angelina Del Carmen, the lead singer of Charetta, which drove the audience to a frenzy. The guitar riffs were intricate and well thought out and vocals were strong. If you missed Killcode at the Gramercy be sure to catch them Saturday July 21st at Irving Plaza. You won't be disappointed.

Finishing up the night was Charetta. Opening their set, they created an eery scene with band members wearing gas masks. A siren sounded signifying the start of the show. Gotham-5Frontwoman Angelina Del Carmen entered the stage wearing a skeleton covered outfit and donning a gas mask herself. The band's sound seemed much bigger than the sum of its five members. Vocals were crisp and clean as were the guitars. What stood out most about Charetta was the insane amount of energy coming from Del Carmen. She poured emotion into every note and the crowd felt it. She trashed and moved around the stage like she owned it (and she did that night)! Del Carmen proved without question that she belonged fronting a metal band. Not an easy thing to do in this male-dominated genre. The crowd certainly responded to the energy from Del Carmen and the band. A nice touch was the inclusion of a cello during a ballad in the mid point of their set. The energy remained high to the very last note of Charetta's set leaving everyone wanting more. This is a band you have to see when they're in town. Charetta delivers first-class, professional metal.